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This age is fun. I mean it is FUN. Yes, yes, yes, it’s not always easy. Nobody said parenting was. And if someone did then they deserve what’s coming to them. Nonetheless, being my son’s Mom is the absolute best thing I get to do and listening to his words of wisdom makes every day interesting.

Here are a few recent comments he’s made that had me giggling.

When my husband was nibbling on my son:
“No biting, Daddy! That not good. People go to time out.”
Reprimanded by your own kid.

After I told him we do not put food in our toes:
“Yes we do. Our toes need to grow.”
That logic is pretty flawless. No argument from me.

When I asked him how he got to be such a great kid:
“Because I am.”
Apparently we don’t teach modesty in our home.

When my son climbed into my lap:
“Hold a big lion, Mommy. I’m a nice lion to Mommy. I only eat Daddies.”
Phew. That’s a relief.

After he threw up:
“That a BIG slobber!”

Upon finding out I was pregnant:
“I want you to have an orange boy growing in your tummy.”
Prepare to be disappointed, kiddo.

When I told him it was time to get dressed:
“Mommy, why can’t people be naked all the time?”
Now there’s a thought that’s never occurred to me. I’m pretty sure it’s crossed my husband’s mind a time or ten though.

After I told him I didn’t know the name of Daddy’s doctor:
“No, I think it’s Dr. Pepper.”
How does he even know about Dr. Pepper?!?

While visiting his grandparents and younger baby cousin:
“At my house I’M the baby.”
Uh-oh. Not for long, handsome.

When passing a MAN with dreadlocks while on a walk (said loudly):
“Where that lady going?”
I corrected him and was rewarded with the question being repeated at a higher volume.

My personal favorite:
“I got the silliest Mommy.”

I love this kid.

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