toilet paper humor 500x500This post is about poop.

So, those of you who are faint of heart, you’ve been warned.

My house is currently devoted to the uber challenging task of potty training a two year old boy. He’s just a few months shy of three and thinks Disney underpants are the coolest things ever (we don’t pee on Buzz after all) so getting him to use the potty hasn’t actually been as horrendous as I feared.

The challenge?


I mean, really, I did give you a heads up a few sentences ago.

There’s just something about poop. My little monster does not want to make that kind of deposit in his plastic throne. He’s done it only twice in the past few weeks. And every other time it’s in those adorable briefs.

Just getting those sticky underpants off him is a major event. When my guy actually said to me “Mommy, don’t get poo poo on your hands” I wanted to laugh. Oh, kid. I assure you I’m making every effort to avoid that very thing.

And let’s not forget the time his drawers were so full that on his walk to the bathroom clumps were falling out down the hallway. Clumps. Oh my.

But nothing is as nightmare-inducing as the act of cleaning those dirty underpants.

I started by doing the job in the kitchen sink. Well that was a mistake. I promise I’m an intelligent person, friends. I don’t know why on earth I thought that was a good idea. I’ve disinfected that thing twenty times and still it’s all I can think about when I wash dishes in there.

The next few cleanups took place in the backyard with a hose. My husband saw the aftermath and told me he thought one of the dogs must have been sick. He was pretty horrified when he heard what the mess could be attributed to. When he was left to complete the task without me he just threw out the underwear. A smart but costly move in the long-term.

Most recently I’ve washed the offending underwear in the toilet. Why I didn’t conclude this was the way to go in the beginning I don’t know.

So there’s your tip for the day. Wash poop-filled underwear out in the toilet. Don’t do it in the kitchen sink. And because I like you I’ll throw in a freebie. Don’t try to pull off those bad boys on the carpet. You’ll only do it once.

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