peter rabbit 500x500Lately my son has discovered Peter Rabbit. We’ve read a few of the books and then one day we came upon the cartoon on Nick Jr. His little face lit right up at the sight of those mischievous bunnies. They’re now my go-to entertainment when nothing else works and I need to take a shower, cook dinner, or curl up in the fetal position in my closet.

Don’t get me wrong, it really is a cute show. It is not nearly as annoying as Yo Gabba Gabba (they’re clearly all on drugs), Caillou, or Max & Ruby. I might even say that I enjoy this one. After watching no less than a million episodes (slight exaggeration) I can say that there are definitely a few things that are a bit strange.

Peter, Benjamin, and Lily (the three main rabbits) spend every episode trying to avoid being eaten by Mr. Tod (the fox), turned into slippers by Tommy Brock (the badger), or beaten with a shovel by Mr. McGregor (the farmer). Isn’t every 6 year old trying to avoid the same fate? No? Oh, right. Most 6 year olds are gluing construction paper together and learning to read. Let’s think about this. The main characters in this cartoon are young kids trying to AVOID DEATH. Um… so that’s a little harsh.

Do you think that Mr. McGregor ever finds it curious that the rabbits who are always stealing his vegetables wear clothes? If he notified the media I guarantee you we’d have a news story that could rival the Mobile, Alabama leprechaun sighting.

Peter’s poor mother is completely worn down as the sole parent of quite a large brood and either ignores or is oblivious to her son’s dangerous lifestyle. Don’t people in their neighborhood talk? At some point wouldn’t Jemima Puddle-Duck give Mrs. Rabbit a wink and suggest that she ask her son where he’s been all day?

Peter’s 18 month old sister, Cotton-Tail, regularly sneaks out of the house to follow her big brother on his adventures. Okay, so maybe Mrs. Rabbit doesn’t worry about her 6 year old, but an 18 month old? Just what is that mother doing in the house that has her so preoccupied?

Peter’s adventures are usually due to his desire to grab a radish from Mr. McGregor’s garden. A radish. Has anyone eaten a radish? Because they’re nasty. Certainly not worth risking your life over.

The most realistic part of the cartoon is that the voice of reason is always Lily, a female. So obviously that’s true.

Happy Thursday!

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