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Call me crazy but I actually extended my Whole 30 despite knowing my husband and I would be taking a trip to NYC together. I know. I know. Something is wrong with me. There are far worse places to visit while completing a Whole 30 though.

Here we are on the plane. I don’t know if that’s the excitement of going on a vacation without our children or fear of going on vacation on Whole 30.IMG_5583

The great thing about NYC, or any major city really, is that you’re going to have a lot of restaurant choices. Rather than risk stumbling into a place that didn’t offer anything I could have (or wanted to have) I tackled this challenge head on by researching Whole 30 friendly cuisine before arriving. First and foremost, I wanted to know exactly what our first meal would be. I know me and I do not do well when I’m hungry. Knowing where we were heading immediately after landing (oh yes we did) kept me on the straight and narrow.

Our first stop was Hu Kitchen. I cannot recommend this place enough. It was my absolute favorite meal on our entire vacation. I ordered the Organic Moroccan Chicken over summer slaw and David had a paleo version (not Whole 30) of an eggs benedict called the Hu Benny. Yes, yes, and yes. Everything about this glIMG_5585orious feast was delicious. It did not at all feel like any kind of sacrifice to stay Whole 30 at this restaurant.

The Hu Kitchen also treated us to a celebrity sighting. Former Real Housewives of New York City cast member Aviva Drescher was there. She looked lovely. She wasn’t overly made up. If I wasn’t a dedicated Bravo viewer (reserve your judgment, please) I wouldn’t have even noticed her. But of course I did. I did not approach her. I am not that person, friends. I am the person who just freaks out a little on the inside and jabs her husband in the ribs a hundred times to ensure he fully grasps the excitement of the moment. He did. To my mortification (and total delight) my husband discreetly took a photo of her. It is blurry. It is crooked. And it is proof that I married the right person.


Really there is nothing that could top my trip after the joy that our first restaurant (and subsequent celebrity sighting) brought me. Still we decided we wouldn’t give up and fly home just yet. We were parents who had left our children in the care of my very brave sister (who was also caring for her two year old and infant). We were determined to live it up like the carefree couple we were able to be! We had places to see, mornings to sleep in, and nights to stay up late. If I wasn’t pumping breastmilk in the bathrooms of every place we visited it would be just like before we had children. There’s nothing like carrying around a breast pump to remind you that you do in deed have responsibilities and our carriage would be turning into a pumpkin shortly.

A friend of my husband’s works at the hotel we were staying in. He had a beautiful tray of champagne and desserts brought to our room upon arrival. Desserts. That’s plural. As in there were multiple desserts. It was torture. And thoughtful. But mostly torture.

IMG_5587This is my face when I saw it. You’re welcome. And no I do not have food in my mouth. Apparently my “oh-no-I’m-on-Whole-30-and-surrounded-by-chocolate-face” looks a lot like I’m sucking on a lemon.

NYC coupleThat first night we went to a Miranda Lambert/Justin Moore concert. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Fresh & Co. I had a salad with all kinds of yummy goodness in it.

We geeked out at the concert in a selfie to send to our parents. Also we did it because we are geeks.

The next morning we met up with a close friend of David’s who lives there. We went to a diner that we’d never heard of but the food was pretty good. Then we headed to Eataly. We’d gone there a few years prior and it’s just fantastic. David and his friend, Josh, immediately reverted to the college versions of themselves and kept me laughing.


That night we saw Jersey Boys with some friends who were also in town. We’d seen it before but it was still amazing. I never ever get tired of Broadway. I need to be rich so I can see every show.


The morning we departed I dropped my phone in the hotel toilet.

And with that our trip was complete! It was fast but a much needed break for just the two of us. I cannot wait to go again.

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