So my husband is not participating in my Whole 30. That doesn’t mean he isn’t supportive. He is. The man eats everything I cook. When I tell him he’ll love zoodles as much as regular noodles he doesn’t bat an eye. When I insist that cauliflower rice will totally taste like regular rice he happily shovels it in. And he likes it all!

Does that mean when he goes out to lunch with coworkers he asks for his burger with no cheese and no bun? No. But he is making significantly better choices. I recently received the above text from him.

If you knew him you’d know that this is basically a miracle. The man was raised on sweet tea, butter, and starches. If left to his own devices he’d live on Totinos pizzas, fried chicken wings, and Cheerwine. So please hear me when I say that this is major progress.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes.

My husband may not be participating in the Whole 30 100% of the day but he roots for me. He eats anything I make without asking for his own non-Whole 30 version. He asks about my progress. He even brags about what I’m doing to his friends. That’s support.

My mother in-law and sister in-law are also not doing a Whole 30 but they do follow my @thewholecook Instagram account. They like my photos. Sometimes they comment on them. That’s support.

My parents and sister were intrigued by what I was doing and they all decided to jump on the Whole 30 train. That’s support.

I use my Instagram account every day to follow along while others journey toward better health. I share my own meal ideas. People I don’t even know cheer me on. That’s support.

I am so thankful for all of it in every single form it comes in.


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